Best Truck GPS App

Driving a truck can be challenging, but SmartTruckRoute takes the worry out of navigation. The SmartTruckRoute GPS app creates truck specific routes with free live map updates, so your maps will always be up to date.

The SmartTruckRoute app takes into account truck restrictions such as bridge heights and clearances, load limits, one-way road designations, sharp turns, and allowances when guiding you to your destination. SmartTruckRoute helps avoid costly tickets and keeps you safe.

Accurate Routes

Drivers overwhelmingly tell us that what they like most about the SmartTruckRoute app is the accuracy of the truck routes by getting to the exact entrance of the destination, safely.

40 Years in Business

SmartTruckRoute is based on 40 years of accumulated proprietary data insuring that you get the best possible truck routes keeping you efficient with your deliveries.

Updated Hourly

Dedicated professionals proactively update temporary and permanent road restrictions. Our staff incorporates reports from our unique driver feedback system.

Great Support

SmartTruckRoute engineers and customer service staff are based in the USA. You get live assistance from knowledgeable staff that actually use the app.
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Best Truck GPS App

SmartTruckRoute helps truckers daily to do their jobs. Combining our unique driver feedback system with the knowledge we’ve gained as pioneers in the GPS industry you can take advantage of our proprietary data to make driving easier and safer.

The SmartTruckRoute truck navigation app is easy to use, just speak or type the destination, within seconds you'll have a truck specific route with turn by turn directions that avoids low bridges and uses truck friendly roads. Specify your truck dimensions and weight, even your hazmat level for the most accurate route. Stay safe and save money with SmartTruckRoute for your Android smartphone, tablet, or iPhone.

SmartTruckRoute Features

SmartTruckRoute offers an exceptional series of professional features allowing commercial drivers to get the best possible route by taking into account low bridges, load limits, and sharp turns. Helping you avoid costly tickets and keeping you safe.


Daily Truck Routes


Low Bridges


Weight Restrictions


Commercial Restrictions

Download Latest App

There is no charge to download the app. You can use SmartTruckRoute during the free period or request a free trial in the contact us section.

Pricing Plan

SmartTruckRoute is very economical and offers plans for independent drivers and fleets.

"I love SmartTruckRoute, it's never given me an issue in over a year of driving, renewing for another year because I depend on it daily."
E. Wilson

"SmartTruckRoute works better than all the others, even those that cost more!"
A. Beeching



    Automatic two day trial.
    Install the app and start routing. No sign up, no credit card required.
    The trial allows full use the app without any limitations.
    Try before you buy!



    NEW - Lifetime Plan! Monthly and yearly options cost pennies a day per driver. All plans offer unlimited routes during the time period. Independents, Company Drivers, and Fleets are accomodated.



    NEW - Lifetime Plan! Monthly and yearly options cost pennies a day per driver. All plans offer unlimited routes during the time period. Independents, Company Drivers, and Fleets are accomodated.


Drivers and developers will find many useful tools provided free of charge to our customers.
Guides, Videos, and APIs, are among the many resources offered.

SmartTruckRoute User Guides


Get the most from the app by checking out the user guide. Lots of helpful screenshots and explanations.

Android Ver 2
YouTube Videos
SmartTruckRoute Developer Documentation


Easily integrate truck navigation within your own app by taking advantage of our free handshake APIs.

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