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Yes. Download the SmartTruckRoute app from iTunes and try it free of charge from 1-2 PM and 1-2 AM Eastern Time.
Send email to: Alternatively, submit suggestions directly from the app. Press Menu > Settings > Feedback > Tap to Proceed. Enter your suggestions in the Comments field and press Send. This will automatically send an email for our development team to review. Typical response time is within 24 hours.
Consider switching the routing settings from the default of "Quickest" to either Shortest or Prefer Freeways. You can also allow or avoid toll roads. Please note that changing the options may increase your route length substantially. After creating a route, double check the routing. In addition to seeing the route on the screen, click the Navigation Panel at the bottom of the screen to reveal the route details screen which will show you the maneuver list.
The Quickest Route setting (Most commonly used) will choose the fastest route, regardless of mileage or distance. The Shortest Route setting will choose the route with the shortest distance, regardless of speed, and may result in more turns. Prefer Freeways will create a route that minimizes State Highways, and favors Interstates which will result in longer routes for shorter distances.
No, updates are free for both maps and program.
You can view maps and investigate the menus free of charge. There are no advertisements on the driving screen and no annoying pop ups. You can also try the app before you buy. See Question #1. We are based in the U.S. and have a substantial staff of the best programmers in Cambridge and Boston areas. Once you pay the subscription fee, there are no additional fees to route or use the app.
Yes, you may use a bluetooth headset for phone calls, however for music and for SmartTruckRoute navigation audio you need a headset that supports A2DP (Advanced Audio Distribution Profile). It is best to establish the connection to the headset before you activate the SmartTruckRoute app.
Yes, any 3.5mm portable stereo audio out speaker can be used.
Support is available via email:, please include your phone number when you send an email in the event that one of our customer service representatives needs to contact you via telephone. You can send text messages from your phone directly to our support team at (786) 445-0822, or call 617-542-6220, 8-4 PM EST. Also see Question #2 for communicating directly from within the app.
Yes, you can use all the devices in your account, however only once device at a time can be active. If you want the app on your iPad (and you already have it on your iPhone) go ahead and install, then you can keep switching between the two devices, you just can't route at the same time on both devices. Each time you switch it will prompt you to verify your subscription by entering your name and email. You won't have to pay again. If you need to retrieve your license key number please visit and enter your email address.
At times the iPhone position can "wander". SmartTruckRoute relies on the internal GPS function of the phone or tablet in order to provide accurate routing. Be sure to turn on Cellular Data service and WiFi to enhance your position. Position your device as close to the front of the vehicle with clear view of the sky in order to get the most accurate position.
Yes. Use the Plus and Minus buttons on the left of the screen to zoom in and out. You can also press the Menu button to stop the navigation (the route will remain on the screen). Pan the map by swiping the screen. In addition, you can reveal the route details, then tap "Back" and that will put you back into the map mode. You'll need to press the green arrow at the bottom of the screen to resume Navigation.
Yes, select the reroute icon (circular arrow) on the top right of the map. It will still create truck friendly routes.
Yes, browse the map, tap and hold for a few seconds, a menu will appear allowing you to select whether you wish to Route To or Route From the selected point. Alternatively using Version 6.4 or higher, tap on the "Origin" tab within New Route menu to create a new starting point. View the route by using the route details feature. Note that if you begin to move, the GPS will reroute you based on current position.
You may receive a data connection / internet error if during the time you attempt to create a route your data connection is momentarily lost. Normally we will attempt to contact the server at least twice before displaying this message.
Yes. View the maps using the satellite image option. Please note that Satellite and Hybrid view will consume more data than street view.
Not currently. We rely on Apple maps for the background and we superimpose our truck routes on the top of those maps. To route around traffic you may want to change your settings from "Truck Quickest" to "Truck Shortest".
Not directly. For now, please select your point directly on the map. Tap and hold for a couple of seconds, a menu will appear allowing you to route to or from the location. You can also save the location in your history.
Change the route settings to one of the car settings (instead of truck settings), if the route can be created then you can be assured that there is some type of truck restriction such as a low bridge, weight restriction, or commercial vehicle restriction which prohibits the route from being created.
Most likely this will not happen since we use Apple maps to determine the address. If you do not see the address, try to search by business name or the zip code. If you still need help, call your destination and ask them for an intersection (in other words you need the closest cross street).
Apple iOS 7 does cache maps so you are welcome to zoom in and out to store the maps you will need for a specific route. If you need to plan routes from other locations and you travel in areas where there is poor cellular coverage, you may want to consider one of the fully featured truck GPS such as the WorldNav Truck GPS models. Click here for the WorldNav store
Yes. SmartTruckRoute provides a free compilation service that organizes all the state reports of highway construction. Click here for the list
Use the iTunes restore function to re-install SmartTruckRoute. Be sure you have logged into the same iCloud account you used when you purchased the app. Launch SmartTruckRoute > Press Menu > Settings > (scroll to ) Subscription > Tap to Proceed > Tap Restore or Already Paid. Enter the Email address that was used during the order process. You will also need to know your license key (Version 7.3.2 and lower). Use the link below to obtain your license key:

License Key Lookup. Using Version 8 (or higher), the subscription will automatically transfer to your new iPhone or new iPad assuming you remain logged into the original iCloud account.

Please note that Android and Apple products are managed by two different companies that process the payments therefore you cannot transfer from one platform to another.
Transferring within the same OS is a free self service feature of the app. Please note that only one device can be used at a time within the same account.

If you require further assistance send email to
Please contact Apple iTunes customer service for assistance as we have no control over billing and payments.
Yes, if you would like to become a beta tester for new releases please Email request to:
Yes, we provide free assistance to you to help you integrate your application with truck specific navigation to provide a complete solution for your customers. Contact for assistance.
If you are outside of the phone reception area maps might not get refreshed fast enough, however you can still see the route and directions for a short time. Also be sure you have activated the GPS feature on your phone, Settings:Privacy: Location Services:On.
Use the Odometer function found in the Settings menu. Tap the Odometer entry to reveal or reset state mileage. Note that mileage is properly recorded when SmartTruckRoute is in the foreground. Mileage cannot be accurately tracked when the app is in the background.
Use the ribbon toolbar at the top of the screen to select which types of points you wish to display (or hide). Select the desired point, press Route To.
Yes. As long as you operate hands free, navigating with smartphone is acceptable. Case of California v. Spriggs, Fresno appellate court per judge Kent Hamlin, "The law also does not prohibit hands-free use. A law implemented in January allows hand-free navigating, voice calls and texting, though only if a driver uses voice-operated applications that allow them to navigate, dictate, send, and listen to the device in the car."
Be sure you have Version 6.2 or higher, then select "Clear Route" from the main menu.
Yes, be sure to allow background operation of SmartTruckRoute in the phone settings. Note that the odometer works when the app is in the foreground.
Click on the letter (i) in the circle to reveal information about that specific feature.
There are two Apple settings which should be turned on in order to hear sound in the SmartTruckRoute app.
(1) Apple Control Panel, toggle Do Not Disturb (Half Moon icon) setting to be OFF.
Swipe Up from any location (ie any app or any screen on the iPad) > The Control Panel settings menu will appear > The last item in the series of round buttons looks like a bell, tap to toggle Mute on/off. Be sure Mute is OFF. Turn off Bluetooth just to test the system. You can turn Bluetooth back on once you have a good connection.
(2) Turn SIRI ON.
Apple Settings > General > Siri > On.
Also, you may want to plug your device directly into the DC charger rather than the AUX port as some AUX ports do not properly play sounds from apps.
Make sure you allow background operation of the SmartTruckRoute app so that the app will continue to navigate while you take your call.
Select Menu, New Route, Select the Search tool which is the magnifying glass icon found on the left side of the screen. A map will appear with the search bar at the top. Tap inside the search bar and the keyboard will be revealed. Enter the address you wish to route to, then press Search. Select the destination from the search results. You can also use the microphone (icon found to the left of the space bar on the keyboard) to speak the address instead of typing. You can also enter the name of a business and a city and state, then select the correct listing from the results rather than having to enter an address. Once the address has been selected, press "Create Route".
Normally this type of behavior is due to low memory (which is extremely rare).
(1) Please force quit all other apps. (This is done by pressing the home button twice quickly, to reveal all running programs, swipe up on all other programs until only SmartTruckRoute is running. Later you can see which app might be pullling extra memory and then run all the other apps).
(2) The icon not changing to navigation normally means you are not locked in to the GPS signal (or the strength is too low). Please make sure you have turned on Location Services under iPhone Settings. Also be sure you have the Cellular data option turned on.
(3) Make sure you have the latest iOS installed. Apple Settings > General > Software Update
(4) Delete unneeded files such as photos, videos, music. For details you can see sites such as this one to learn exactly how to check the space available on your phone or tablet and how to remove big files.
(5) Turn on diagnostic reporting. On your phone or iPad (using iOS 8) tap Settings > Privacy > Diagnostics & Usage, select Automatically Send, and Turn On Share with App Developers.
(6) Finally, you might want to the delete the app and re-install. You won't have to pay again, it will just ask you to verify your subscription by putting in your email and your name.

To make driving easier at night, activate the built in Night Mode feature that Apple provides (using iOS 11 and higher) on your iPhone or iPad.
Apple Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift (On) >Invert Colors (On).

Also turn on Smart Invert colors, Apple Settings > General, Accessibility, Display Accomodations (On), Invert Colors (On), Smart Invert (ON). To turn off "night mode", triple-tap the Apple Home button. You can also use the triple tap home button as a shortcut to turn on smart invert colors. For simplicity, keep Inverted colors mode turned on and just triple tap home button to toggle the phone display from Inverted colors On and Off as desired. Apple has recently introduced Night Shift and Smart Invert Colors from the Apple Settings menu. Note: if you have already turned on Smart Invert Colors, triple-tap the Home button to turn On and Off the feature.

Furthermore, it is recommended to use the Apple built in settings to automatically dim the screen at night.
Apple Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Brightness (On).

Closing the SmartTruckRoute app is just like any other app, double tap the iPhone "Home" button (the big round button at the bottom of the device), you will see all the running apps, swipe up on any app you wish to close such as the SmartTruckRoute. You may want to close other apps as well to conserve data usage and program memory.
You must use an iPad that has cellular service as the wi-fi only iPads do not offer a true GPS position and will result in erratic display. You can experiment with using an external GPS if desired but we do not provide technical support for any external GPS receivers. You are welcome to use a wifi only iPad for trip planning purposes only.
Yes. SmartTruckRoute supports HazMat truck routing and even allows you to specify one of the nine levels of HazMat when creating routes. The HazMat selection choice can be found when you create a new route under the Vehicle Info section, tap the section to reveal and modify the settings including height, weight, length, width, and HazMat level.

Yes, we offer assistance in providing documentation to support you. Please submit the information through existing channels for registered users. We will need to know the origin and destingation of the trip, as well as the location of where the ticket was issued. If our database does not contain the restriction most likely one of the local or state agencies did not provide the information to mapping companies. Sometimes there are local changes and signage which is not reported and/or well positioned. While we do not reimburse, we will do our best to help you to fight the ticket.

Yes. Click here to view or download a copy of the SmartTruckRoute iPhone / iPad user guide.

Also, when you first launch the app it will display some messages, scroll through the User Tips. In addition, see #33 above.
SmartTruckRoute is very efficient. It uses about 2 gigs of data per month if you use navigation 8 hours a day, 20 days a week.
Throttling Data:
For added convenience, you may want to take advantage of data throttling from your phone carrier. Verizon now offers data plans with no overage charges. Ask for "Safety Mode" from Verizon, it is a free service. Verizon will automatically slow down your internet speed instead of charging you extra for data. This is a very useful feature for navigation. Check it out at Verizon Here. T-Mobile and AT&T have similar data throttling (or even "unlimited") plans. Finally, you can conserve data usage by turning off background operation of any apps that use GPS (such as SmartTruckRoute). If you turn off background operation you will only get voice alerts when the app is in the foreground.

Yes. Developers can send (or push) destinations directly to the SmartTruckRoute app from their own apps.

1) Use the link below to redirect to SmartTruckRoute app:


2) You may also use: "teletype.smarttruck://{params}" for web links.

For example: "teletype.smarttruck://,8900NW35thLn_Doral_FL33172@25.8072391,-80.3392561&vaddr=WP2,5510SW76thSt_Miami_FL33143@25.6997704,-80.2834048&daddr=WP11,7396SRockNationRd_Dixon_IL61021@41.9146845,-89.3933182


"vaddr" Optional via address, can have maximum allowed 10 via point "vaddr"
"daddr" Required destination address
Address Component :

"daddr=Address@lat,lon" or "vaddr=Address@lat,lon"
"daddr" is for the destination and is required for all requests
ex. "daddr=WP1,8900NW35thLn_Doral_FL33172@25.8072391,-80.3392561

"vaddr" is for an optional Via point, can have maximum allowed 10 via point "vaddr"
ex. "vaddr=Address@41.12345,-71.12345&vaddr=Address@42.12345,-72.12345"

lat: double value for latitude in the range -90.0 to 90.0
lon: double value for longitude in the range -180.0 to 180.0

Example web link :

teletype.smarttruck://,8900NW35thLn_Doral_FL33172@25.8072391,-80.3392561&vaddr=WP2,5510SW76thSt_Miami_FL33143@25.6997704,-80.2834048&vaddr=WP3,2490BriarcliffRdNE_Atlanta_GA30329@33.8269596,-84.331525&vaddr=WP4,4770BufordHwyNE_Atlanta_GA30341@33.8819155,-84.2903265&vaddr=WP5,3173LeconteAve_Atlanta_GA30319@33.882249,-84.3353163&vaddr=WP6,5681KingsportDr_Atlanta_GA30342@33.9096952,-84.383362&vaddr=WP7,181HagensRd_StPauls_NC28384@34.839904,-78.9663134&vaddr=WP8,2425PrincessAnneRd_VirginiaBeach_VA23456@36.7522145,-76.054795&vaddr=WP9,892LosColonisDr_VirginiaBeach_VA23456@36.744032,-75.9876463&vaddr=WP10,2693RelianceDr_VirginiaBeach_VA23452@36.8119329,-76.0591946&daddr=WP11,7396SRockNationRd_Dixon_IL61021@41.9146845,-89.3933182 .

3) Example push the destination address (use text message, email or push notification) to the device. Example to call SmartTruckRoute and automatically enter 44 School St., Boston, MA 02108 as the destination.